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The cold laser cassettes printer offers the possibility of a clear identification of the number of each sample entered in our laboratory, and is essential to maintain the traceability of the same and substantially reduce the errors that arise from manual transcription.

Biogenar laboratory

By using laser technology, they emphasize their speed, quiet operation and ease of handling. Another of its main features is that they avoid the use of expensive consumables and are compatible with the different Laboratory Management Software, so that the cassettes are printed automatically.

Spanish customer

6250 cyrostat microtome well-made and sectioning was solid and consistent. Trimming specimens is easy and convenient switching between rough trimming, fine trimming and ultra-fine trimming is excellent and quick which saves time. Additional features such as UV light with programmable timing for sterilization is a nice feature.

South Africa customer

A customer was equipped for two departments with the amount of four HP300. Both departments have different requirements for the equipment and could equally process samples in high quality with the help of their new tissue processors.

German customer

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